Kobe Tours & Safaris is a tour operator situated and operate in Vuga (Stone Town), the old city and cultural hart very Exotic Destinations. Holidays to Zanzibar Island and arrangements of suitable accommodation, local transfers, Island exploration and connection to Tanzania wildlife safaris are one of the greatest services you can get, especially at the carefully selected Exotic Hotels & Resorts.

As a tour operator, it’s your job to put together a dream holiday for your expectant and demanding customers. No detail is too small to ignore, and no amount of planning too excessive. Everything must be planned! But what about that which cannot be planned… an accident, illness, cancellation, or any other completely unexpected event? Kobe Tours & Safaris supports you, ensuring that it is possible to foresee, react quickly, and to some extent control, even the most unpredictable events. Here are a few examples of how we remain at your side so your customers can have a perfect holiday!

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